Friday, 1 December 2017

App Developer VS App Creator

Using App Creator to Build App

Looking at how mobile devices are playing an increasingly big part in our daily lives, having a mobile app surely adds competitive edge to your business. Some benefits that it brings are to increase your brand visibility, directly market to your customers, run a more effective operation, and build customers loyalty.

One way to have a mobile app for your business is to hire a android app development experts to build it for you. A professional app development company can provide solutions for your business needs, and handle stuffs from market research to launching the application. However, if you are just starting out and have limited budget, using app creator can be a good alternative.

Review of Mobile App Makers

There are many different app creators out there, and you might have no idea which ones are good. Here, we have reviewed 2 online app makers that you can consider using:

Good Barber: Apart from its eccentric name, it is the app’s aesthetically pleasing visual that quickly catch our attention. It has a beautiful user interface and a great landing page with clear instruction to guide the users. After that, users get to choose from various themes that have different look. There are also a large variety of icons and fonts. Next, the app creator will guide users to manage each sections of the app step by step, from the general to the more detailed aspects. It then it allows for testing and users can request for a link to test the app before purchasing. The preview is also accessible across platforms such as smartphone, tablet, and PC.

AppyPie: Recently gaining popularity, AppyPie is highly regarded for its wide range of business categories (charity, online dating, fitness, and wedding planner, to name a few) and unique features that are not found in other app makers. It allows function such as social media integration and extensive features to cater for each industry. For example, they provide loyalty card and coupon features which are useful for e-commerce and provide appointment scheduler which can be utilized for doctor or salon service.

In addition, users can customize the theme by selecting their own background image and choose how the menu is displayed. After finished editing the mobile app, users can then choose the pricing plan that suits them best from 4 available options.

In the end, picking the right app creator depends much on your business needs. Some offer more features, while other may have more flexible options to disable ads or edit your mobile app after launching. We hope that our review can help you a perfect app designer Singapore!